When looking at auto detailing, there are a number of steps involved in the process. At the end of the day, though, there is still a good bit of prep work involved before the actual detailing can begin. The first step in all this is waxing autos paint.

When thinking about auto detailing, one begins with proper vehicle washing and eventually vacuuming, if applicable. If you have an old vehicle, there may be some stubborn marks from old gasoline or greases from previous engine use. In this case, you want to consider polishing the vehicle.

Then, with automotive detailing supplies and other specialized tools, auto detailers also give your vehicle a deeper clean. This may even include taking out rough spots of mold and rust with a power scrubber.

The next step in the car detailing process is a more detailed car wash. With a power washer, the dirty surface of the vehicle is blasted with a fine coating of water. If the cleaner is particularly effective, it also clears away any wax residue that may be left behind. The wash is very thorough, and you will likely spend several hours doing it.

The final step in the process is what many people refer to as the light sanding. When detailing cars, people do not want them to be too slick. Therefore, this step includes honing the finish on the paint or polishing the chrome and plastic trim.

When the surface is smooth again, it is time for the actual detailing. Many people believe that light sanding before polishing is the most economical car washing method.

The final step in the auto detailing process is the polish. The polish removes any of the previous waxes or lacquer that was applied to the vehicle. It can be used to make the car look as good as new and is especially helpful when the color of the paint has faded somewhat.

Many people use the polish in conjunction with a wax to create the most seamless fit. It is not uncommon to see an older model car restored to its former luster using this technique.

For those looking to save money on their car detailing services, they can skip washing in the morning and instead opt to have their car washed in the evening. This works well if you have time to wash in the evening before your spouse or other family members return from work.

You can either have the vehicle washed by hand, in a large washing machine, or in a pressure washer. Once the paint correction has been completed, a fresh coat of paint should be sufficient to restore the shine once again.