The character of this region is strong, resilient and strong-willed. Catalonia, which has a rich history, is known as a place where many landmark historical events have taken place, where bizarre architectural constructions surprise and sometimes even amaze the eye, where the richest people of the country live, where the endless expanses of chic beaches are ready to accommodate thousands of tourists at a time. Today we will get acquainted closer with Catalonia – one of the most famous regions of Spain.


The reasons for Catalonia high fame are mass. It is a rich local culture, and more than once there have been attempts to break away from Spain, and such famous names as Antonio Gaudi and many, many others. In the distant past, Iberians from North Africa were the first to settle in the area, where today the magnificent Catalonia cities of Barcelona and Mataro delight connoisseurs. Then came the Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Alans, Moors – it’s amazing how many people have called this wonderful land their home! 

However, it should be noted that from the last “aliens” – the Moors, the Catalonia liberated quite quickly, after which was founded Barcelona County, independent from both France and Moorish Spain. The region of Catalonia, which gained independence in 988, considers this page of the calendar the date of its birth. Of course, all this has affected the culture of the region, including the language spoken by the people living here – Catalan, which is different from Spanish and is now recognized as quite independent.

What to do in Catalonia?

Usually the choice of guests who decide to visit this region falls on Barcelona – the capital of Catalonia, as well as resorts such as the Costa Brava, a popular place to invest in luxury real estate, won the hearts of millions of people, or the Costa Dorada, famous for its chic beaches and recreation for every taste. In these places will find their happiness lovers of both quiet and measured, and quite active life. In Barcelona, you can walk around endless museums and palaces all day long, admiring the beauty of ancient Catholic cathedrals. You can also get acquainted with the masterpieces of world architecture. Of course, we are talking about the famous buildings of Antoni Gaudi, including his main project – the Temple of the Holy Family, considered one of the gems of Barcelona. 

Anyway, wherever in Catalonia you choose to stay during your holidays, for the winter, etc.. – There is no doubt that you will find comfort here. This hospitable region is considered one of the Spanish leaders in terms of the annual number of tourists – you don’t have to worry about the development of local infrastructure.

Catalonia – local features

Knowing the popular unrest that has taken place here (referendum, declaration of independence in 2017, attempt to break away from Spain), many people who want to visit the region begin to doubt the safety of such a trip. It is not worth it. Domestic issues do not in any way affect visitors, who are always welcome here. It is believed that the Catalans have a more restrained temperament than the inhabitants of other regions of Spain, they are more modest and calm. Catalonia is a land of endless opportunities for a great holiday and a long stay. The mild climate, the abundance of interesting places, delicious food and beautiful nature are not all that makes this region happy for its guests.

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