Mike Tinskey, Ford Motor Company

Director Connected Vehicle Emerging Services, Ford Motor Company

Mike Tinskey’s role is to identify and execute new automotive services and business models enabled by connectivity.

Tinskey is also Director of Ford’s Sustainability activities focused on electric vehicles and infrastructure. The focus is to develop and implement new business models, products, and partnerships to clear the way for Ford PHEV and BEV vehicles globally. Prior to this role, Mike led the Product Planning and Program Management activities globally for hybrid electric vehicles and was responsible for developing and implementing Ford’s electric vehicle strategy that was publically announced in January 2009.

Tinskey has held a variety of leadership positions in Ford’s Engineering, Business Development, and Finance activities over his career with Ford. A common thread in the majority of the roles is he was responsible for identifying and implementing game-changing technologies and new business models – and developing strategies and partnerships to implement them flawlessly.