Nissan closes the book on the Versa Note

A month ago CarsDirect reported the Nissan Versa Note could be going away. Having got confirmation from Nissan, CarsDirect can now report that Versa Note is definitely going away this year. Automaker spokesman spokesman Jeff Wandell told the outlet, “Starting with the introduction of the redesigned 2020 model the Versa will only be offered as a sedan. Sales of the hatchback Versa Note in North America will end after the 2019 model year.”

Nissan hasn’t given a reason for killing only the hatch, but the only surprise in this news is that the sedan gets to live. Since the carmaker doesn’t break out sales of each variant, all we know is that the Versa lineup sold 75,809 units last year. That’s a 29% drop from the year before, and down from an all-time high of 144,528 units in 2015. Meanwhile, the Rogue and Rogue Sport sold 42,523 units in December alone agent’s website. The Nissan Kickssubcompact crossover, with more interior space than the Versa Note, roughly the same fuel economy, and an MSRP $3,000 higher than the Versa Note, didn’t go on sale until June last year and sold 23,312 units.

CarsDirect said order guides show the hatchback ceasing production this month. The automaker’s apparently made solid preparations for this, with inventory showing fewer than 300 units around the country.

The new Versa sedan meets the public at this weekend’s Tortuga Music Festival on Friday, April 12 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We expect the company’s V-Motion theme to connect snazzier lines, a pair of thin headlights, and perhaps a floating roof design.